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Connecting workplaces with trusted health charities

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Connecting Businesses With Volunteer Opportunities

More employees are interested in volunteering than ever before. Empower your employees with Volunteer Matters 365® tools and resources that help businesses build a culture of community service.

A successful volunteer program can:

  • Improve the health of employees
  • Improve job satisfaction and productivity
  • Boost company morale
  • Build community image 

Volunteer Search Tool

Powered by VolunteerMatch®, the Volunteer Matters 365® search tool can be programmed to look only for volunteer opportunities with charities that are approved by your business. 

Volunteer Projects

Help your employees lead volunteer projects by providing a web-based tool powered by that can be used to recruit, track and manage community service projects.

Volunteer Services

Let us serve as the link between your business and the health charities in our network to create winning volunteer projects.

Charity Locator

Health Alerts