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Wearable Devices Takes Over Workplace Wellness

Free 30-Minute Pre-Recorded Webinar (September 10, 2014)

At the same time the new Apple Watch was being released on September 10, 2014, our experts delivered a rich conversation about the role wearable wellness devices are beginning to play in workplace wellness programs. With company healthcare costs on the rise, an increasing number of organizations are using this new trend to their advantage. In fact, the number of organizations using fitness trackers and fitness tracking apps for corporate wellness is expected to skyrocket, with an estimated 13 million devices integrated into these programs by 2018.

Studies of several organizations that added fitness trackers to their corporate wellness programs report that they are very effective in controlling costs. At a time when employee disengagement due to health-related issues is at an all-time high, wearables help reduce insurance premiums, decrease absenteeism and increase productivity.

Watch this 30-minute webinar coordinated by the Health Matters at Work program and sponsored by Community Health Charities.  Learn how companies including AT&T, Humana, Bates College and more have incorporated fitness trackers into their corporate culture and the effect of employee wellness programs on costs and employee engagement.

During the webinar, glean information that will help you build a wellness program that can incorporate elements like wearables and fitness tracking apps to drive engagement and healthy living, leading to increased productivity.


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Meet the Presenters

Joseph Grace is founder, CEO, and President of Good Works Health. A Boston College graduate, Mr. Grace worked for W.R. Grace's Washington office as Federal and State Affairs Representative, and two health care research firms before founding Good Works Health.
Ethan Galant is Creative Director for Good Works Health. In 2001 he co-founded and was president of SSI Digital. An early innovator in, and proponent of on-line education and multimedia presentations, he has worked with a wide variety of Pharma and Non-Profits.  

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