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November/December 2014
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Caregiver Holding Hands

What are signs that you are experiencing caregiver stress?

A. Sleeplessness

B. Withdrawal from social functions

C. Lack of concentration

D.  All of the above

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  • Caregiving: Fall into a Healthy Routine

    Caregiver Seeks Help for Loved OneMost Americans will become caregivers at some point in their lives. Approximately 66% of family caregivers are women. The typical caregiver is married and employed, with children under the age of 18 at home. It's no surprise that many caregivers find themselves burning the candle at both ends, as they juggle work and parental responsibilities with their caregiving duties. Caregiving is no easy task, but there are many things that caregivers can do to save time and keep themselves healthy.

  • Exercise Tip: Winter Workouts for People with Asthma or Arthritis

    Winter ExerciseCold days are coming! Winter weather can exacerbate existing conditions like asthma, arthritis and chronic migraines, just to name a few. But just because the trees are bare and there's a chill in the air doesn't mean you have to forgo your daily walks outside for the dreaded treadmill. It's important to get outside on sunny days, even when it's cold. Here are some tips to help keep you moving during the cold winter season.

  • Watch Now: Ignoring Your Kidneys is Risky Business

    Do you have high blood pressure or diabetes? Do you use pain relievers? Do you smoke? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then watch this webinar to learn how to protect your kidneys from disease and failure.

  • Meet Steve: Embracing the Future after Pancreatic Cancer

    Meet SteveI'm not adding anything to my bucket list these days. Instead, I'm content with simple things. Being there for my older daughter as she navigates another year of college. Watching my younger one give opponents twice her size more than they can handle on the athletic fields. Even chopping down another Christmas tree is something I'm looking forward to.

    You see, a year and a half ago, the odds of me being here today were about 1 in 4. Two weeks after running in the 10-mile 2013 Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, I started on a diet of common over-the-counter drugs to quell stomach pains. A succession of doctor visits ensued. Then came the phone call on the morning after Father's Day 2013: "The diagnosis of cancer cannot be ruled out."

  • Don't Neglect Your Mental Health During the Holidays

    Holiday Stress

    This time of year can be extremely stressful for people who suffer from mental health issues.
  • Spiced Turkey Breast with Apple Chutney

    Spiced Turkey Breast with Apple Chutney

    Tired of plain turkey? Spice up your holiday meal with this sweet and savory recipe from the American Diabetes Association.

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